I have been using Java for almost 10 years (ever since it was in
beta).  It really is a great language and generally a pleasure with
which to develop.  It's major weakness, in my opinion, is the GUI.  
Swing was an improvement on the basic AWT - but it's still not
great.  I wrote MyJTable to help those of us who have no choice but
to use Swing, to make our applications a little bit richer and
hopefully to make our lives a little easier.

I would like to thank my good friend and colleague Lorenzo Puccetti
not only for all the help and advice he gave me whilst writing
MyJTable but also for convincing me of the merits of open source
and giving me the push I needed to release the code to this

Daniel Shaya      

All comments, suggestions, code contributions are of course
e-mail: daniel@familyshaya.com